Visionary Sightseeting Bincoluars

• 10th & Vine Street plaza
• 12th & Vine Street overpass

By showing historical images and drawings by artists, students, and community members, these Visionary Sightseeing Binoculars invite viewers to see alternate visions of the Vine Street Expressway and how it could look as an asset instead of a barrier for Chinatown’s growth.

Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio

• Asian Arts Initiative (1219 Vine Street)

Short videos shown in the streetfront window of the Asian Arts Initiative’s gallery assert a creative means for a community to establish itself through the reinvention of cultural mythology and folklore.

Chinatown Orange

• 1001 Vine Street
• Asian Arts Initiative (1219 Vine Street)

Using the brand name paint color, Chinatown Orange brings attention to the site of the future Chinatown Community Center, and invites community members to help transform this landmark and the neighborhood as a whole.

the little red string

• Carlton Street between 11th & 12th Streets

Lanterns beneath a dark viaduct light the way for the community's expansion in Chinatown North. Visually suggesting stars and constellations, the lanterns are inscribed with personal stories from community members describing their connection with the night sky in their respective homelands and traditions.

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